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For speedy customs clearance of everyday shipments, NordTrade offers personalized solutions to provide uniform, consistent & compliant trade activities, supporting your supply chain by avoiding delays, fines and penalties.

Our services cover all aspects of customs procedures and include:


  • Full customs clearance

  • Bonded warehousing

  • Bonded transit movements

  • Commodity classification

  • Intrastat and extrastat

  • Limited fiscal representation

  • Aggregated declarations

  • Classification and validation investigation

  • Regulatory reporting

  • Complex entry preparation

  • IPR/Drawback strategy

  • Bonded transfers and transhipments

  • Intra trade zone declaration (e.g. Eurostats)


Certification of goods and production of customs documents can be time-consuming. Our specialists in shortest terms can help you to receive:

  • certificate of compliance

  • compliance declaration

  • cargo origin certificates

  • any other required by law documents

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